Caló des Moro – S’Almonia

Protect a natural paradise

Caló des Moro – S’Almonia

Our foundation

In 2014, in order to be able to care for and protect our paradise even more, we created the „Fundació Amics d’Es Caló des Moro – S’Almonia“ foundation.

Support us with a donation.

Unfortunately not all visitors behave like nature lovers. Therefore we are constantly on duty to maintain the paths, to dispose of rubbish and to put up information boards. Your donation helps us to do this.

Donation account:
Fundació Amics d‘Es Caló des Moro – S’Almonia
IBAN: ES67 0061 0214 7500 0716 0113

Even small contributions are a great help.
Many thanks!

Become a member of our foundation

By becoming a member, you will not only support our work, you will also become part of a large family of nature lovers who have grown fond of Caló des Moro.

Your advantages of membership:

  • You will be donating wisely and in doing so, you will be making an important contribution to the protection of the environment. For an annual membership fee of €333.00 you will receive a valuable medal, which was designed especially for us by an artist.
  • For an annual membership fee of €999.00 you will receive this medal in silver.
  • We will inform you regularly about news from S’Almonia.
  • Once a year we will invite you to a grandiose Foundation Party, where you will meet other “Amics” and experience an unforgettable night on the dream beach together.

We are pleased to receive your messages of interest and your support.

Amics are invited to joint promotions / festivals and receive a medal with a colored logo / relief worth EUR 50.00, as well as a sticker.


Maren and Hans-Peter Oehm
Fundació Amics d‘Es Caló des Moro – S’Almonia
C Rafalet, 8
07650 Santanyi